Audio Recordings

From Volume 2

A paramedic starts to behave strangely after stealing a figurine from the house of a dead hoarder.

The prank with the glass eye was bad enough, but then it goes missing. And it suddenly starts to show up at the most innapropriate moments.

When his abusive partner dies, it seems like Greg has a chance to move on. But the relationship casts a long shadow.

From Volume 1

A ghost story writer is pleased to find his new home is haunted by a spirit that makes a harmless tapping sound. At least at first…

A young executive is troubled by the sound of dripping taps and a stranger in the bath tub.

The consequences of a drunken brawl threaten to tear a man’s life apart, even years later.

A clock museum gets a strange new exhibit. And with it, a very unexpected visitor…